5 Ways to Show Your Body Love

Self care is something that I practice daily. Too often we forget to do something or make time for ourselves. Putting yourself first and doing something that makes you feel good is so important for your overall health and wellbeing. Self care is simply doing something for yourself that simply makes you feel good andContinue reading “5 Ways to Show Your Body Love”

Self Care 101

If self care isn’t a priority in your life, it is time you make it one. Like the name suggests, self care is caring for yourself. Self care is taking moments out of your day and dedicating them to yourself. Self care is doing something for yourself that is nurturing and brings you a senseContinue reading “Self Care 101”

Why Is Prioritizing Sleep So Beneficial?

I’ll admit that I used to be a bad sleeper. When I was sleeping all was good, but I did not prioritize sleep. I would stay up late and wake up early. Some nights, I probably got less than 6 hours of sleep, and on the weekends I got even less (since I was tooContinue reading “Why Is Prioritizing Sleep So Beneficial?”