Items To Have The Best Year

Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase I will earn a commission. Keep in mind that I link these companies and their products because of their quality and not because of the commission I receive from your purchases. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is completely up to you.

Happy 2021!! While most of you are probably already crushing your 2021 goals and resolutions, I am just starting to plan mine out. I just started filling in my schedule for the year, and it is going to be one busy year! I decided to take January slowly this year. Instead of jumping in, I decided to take this time to plan my goals and my action plans which includes gathering up my gear for 2021. I created a list of items that I think will help me (and you) crush my (and your) goals. These items are amazing for self care goals, organization goals, fitness goals, and health goals.

  1. A 2021 Planner

If organization is on the top of your goal list, this one is for you! The happiness planner is amazing for scheduling and planning your to-do list. I love this planner because it is amazing for creating a positive mindset and mindfulness. This planner is filled with motivational quotes that are amazing inspiration for a good day. This planner is not just any ordinary planner! It is filled with different exercises to help you find your true self and passions! I also love this super chic and simple planner (a little less expensive too).

photo credit: The Happiness Planner®

2. The Five Minute Gratitude Journal

If journaling was on your list of things to start this year, this may be the perfect journal for you! This journal is perfect for anyone who wants to start journaling but doesn’t have the time. I love this journal because each day it prompts you to journal a few things you are grateful for as well as a few other things. Each day is meant to be a 5 minute journal session. This journal is also filled with inspirational quotes.

photo credit:

3. Gua Sha Tools

Gua Sha is the ultimate self care ritual. Gua Sha is part of traditional Chinese medicine. Basically you use stones (made from crystals like rose quartz or jade) and you glide them across your facial skin and neck. There is a certain way of performing the ritual which can be found through online research. Gua sha helps to reduce inflammation, fight against wrinkles and promote healing. Gua Sha is amazing for helping revive dull looking skin (the before and after results are amazing)! I personally love this set because it is inexpensive and the reviews are amazing.

photo credit:

4. True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil

This is my favorite facial oil. This is the perfect non-toxic facial oil to use if skin care is on the top of your 2021 goals. I personally love this oil because it helps combat breakouts as well and it leaves the skin super hydrated. I have noticed an impressive difference in the texture and tone of my skin since using it. This oil will make all of your skin care dreams come true this year.

photo credit: True

5. True Botanicals Pure Radiance Sugar Exfoliating Body Scrub

Honestly, just the smell alone will help lift you up this year. This is perfect for the self care queen. This non-toxic and non-abrasive scrub is just what you need to tackle dry skin. It leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Just having a jar of body scrub around makes me feel like a self care queen… anyone else?!?!

photo credit:

6. Vanity Planet Facial Steamer

I recently was influenced into purchasing a facial steamer, and I am so glad I did. If you aren’t feeling comfortable going to the spa or if you just want to save some money by doing an at-home facial, this is perfect for you! Having a facial steamer is the perfect way to get a full facial at home! Steaming opens up your pores to help cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize deeper. This steamer is easy to use and is perfect for the skin care junkie!

photo credit: Vanity Planet

7. A New Workout Set

Fitness is always at the top of my resolution list. I LOVE purchasing a new workout outfit at the beginning of the year to help motivate and inspire me to workout. I love this time that we live in because workout gear is now fashionable and we can show off our favorite pieces when we are out and about. I love this sports bra! It is so comfortable, sweat wicking and it is cute too! I also love these high-waisted leggings to match!

photo credit: AloYoga

8. Hydro Flask

If drinking more water is on your list of goals this year, this water bottle is for you! This bottle will hold hot and cold liquids (and keep them hot/cold for long periods of time). This water bottle is perfect to have around the house or out and about. This bottle comes in many different colors!

photo credit: HydroFlask

9. Ankle Weights

If you are moving your fitness routine from the studio to at home, you NEED these ankle weights! I love using them to take my booty workouts to the NEXT LEVEL! The Bala ankle weights are perfect to use on your wrists as well (which will amp up your arm workouts). They are also aesthetically pleasing. For an inexpensive find, these ankle weights are perfect. I love them because you can customize your weight from 1lb-5lbs.

photo credit:

10. Yoga Mat

Of course if you are taking your fitness routine home, you will need a yoga mat. Yoga mats are not just for yoga, they are great for ab work and plank work. This yoga mat has the perfect cushioning to help protect your wrists. This mat is also perfect for yoga routines because it has the perfect amount of grip!

photo credit: AloYoga

11. French Press Coffee Maker

A french press is the perfect way to make a batch of coffee at home for a small price. Perfect for the person who is working from home and wants to save money on coffee! I have been using a french press for a few years and I LOVE it! I love making a batch and storing it in the refrigerator for my iced coffees! The french press is SO easy to use and it will save you money on buying your coffee from a cafe. Plus, it makes coffee taste smooth and delicious!

photo credit:

12. Non-toxic Cookware

If creating a non-toxic home is on your list of to-do’s this year or if you want to do more healthy home cooking (as opposed to eating out), you will love this pan. Most pans contain harmful chemicals, but this pan is free from them. These pans are also aesthetically pleasing (which I love). They come in quite a few (beautiful) colors. These pans are perfect for cooking almost anything and the clean up is easy. I also love these pans which are free from most chemicals and they are inexpensive.

photo credit: Caraway

13. Stasher Bags

I am OBSESSED with these bags. They are perfect for anyone who wants to be more organized at home and on the road. They are also perfect for anyone who wants to use less plastic this year! These have not only made my life easier, but helped to save plastic. You will never have to purchase plastic bags ever again (a plus for the planet and your wallet)! These bags are easy to wash which is a huge plus! They are also leak proof. I use them for storing food and snacks as well as for travel! They come in multiple styles, sizes and colors! You can also try out these bags which are less expensive but still work great!

photo credit:

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