My Top Picks For Fitness Apps

Fitness has been apart of my life for quite sometime, and for good reason. Fitness is important for longevity, cardiovascular health and mood as well as many other things. There are so many different types of workouts to choose from. While finding your workout preference can be tough, it can be even harder to find trainers and workout programs that work for you. I have tried countless workout programs over the years only to find a few that I truly love. Finding a workout program can be overwhelming and expensive. Workout apps and programs come with a price (nothing comes for free anymore). The worst part of finding a workout app is the commitment. Who wants to commit to an app and pay $200 for the year only to end up hating it?! Not me!

My personal style of training is motivational, playful, inspiring and informative. I love workouts such as running, yoga, weight/strength training, HIIT and barre. I love a good mix of workouts, and I love apps that have a good mix of workouts. I also love following along to a video rather than written guides. I find that it is easier to follow a video, especially for guidance and form (plus it makes working out more enjoyable and it makes you feel like you are in a class rather than a gym). Below I am sharing my honest review of my favorite workout apps that I have used over the years.

Tone It Up
The best app for beginners
$99 yearly or $14.99 a month

I put this one first because I have been working out with the Tone It Up team for almost 8 years (before the app) so you know I am a huge fan. This app was created by Katrina Scott and Karena Dawn.

This app is easy to navigate. There are many different programs you can choose from such as a strength program and monthly tone up programs. This app also includes workouts from all different trainers in the Tone It Up community. The workout styles include yoga, quick workouts, booty, legs, arm toning, abs, HIIT, cardio, barre, kettlebell, stretch and recovery, kickboxing, and meditation. You can choose from their “On Demand” section (a list of workouts) or you can choose to do pre planned programs. There are workouts that require equipment, and workouts that don’t require equipment. The trainers are playful and inspiring. This app is great if you are looking for workouts that range from 7 minutes to about 45 minutes. I also love this app because it automatically tracks your workouts. You can filter the type of workout, length of the workout, and intensity of the workout. The workouts are not done in “real time” so they get right down to it and there is no “wasted time”. The app also lets you connect with fellow TIU members in the app! Tone It Up has a “community” so you will feel like you are apart of a team. There is also a nutrition section on the app where you can access amazing recipes. You can also do a free 1 week trial, which is great so you can get to know the app and see how you like it before purchasing. You can also pay monthly and unsubscribe at anytime.

My least favorite part about the app is that there aren’t many “long” workouts. There are only a few workouts over 30 minutes. Most of the workouts run about 20-25 minutes long. It is great if you are in a hurry, but if you like a thorough 1 hour workout you might want to try another app. Also, the yoga routines are very short and not very challenging. If you are looking for an at home fitness app that will replace your usually studio yoga class, this app is not it. This app won’t satisfy the advanced. The workouts in the app range from beginner to moderate. If you are looking for workouts for intermediate or advanced levels, I would look elsewhere. The other downside is that you cannot play your own music. The music they have playing in the background is music created by Tone It Up, so you won’t find any of your favorite songs played on here. You also cannot listen to your own playlist on the same device while you workout on the app. You could listen to your music on a different device, but you would still have to listen to the background music from the app. The music played on the app can not be turned off or turned down. You also cannot use this app on a computer or Apple tv. Another thing to note about this app is that the “programs” are mostly a bunch of mismatched workouts thrown in a “program” and are not taught by the same individual throughout the whole program. I prefer following a program taught by the same individual, where each workout for each day was created for that specific program.

I would recommend this app for someone who is starting out on their fitness journey or someone who only has a short amount of time to workout. I also would recommend this app for someone who loves a trainer who is playful and informative.

Beachbody OnDemand
The best bang for your buck
$99 yearly, $59 half year, $39 3 months

This is one of my favorite apps. When I am stuck on which app to use, I always go back to this one.

There is not much background music playing so if you want to play your own playlist you can do it from another device (you won’t be able to listen to music and watch the video on the same device). Plus, you are able to listen to the video and your playlist from another device without being disturbed by other music. There are so many workouts on the app. The workouts range from 10 minutes to about an hour. There are strength training workouts, HIIT, yoga, barre, meditation, cardio, stretch and recovery. There are workouts for every skill level. There are workouts from the top fitness instructors in the business like Autumn Calabrese. The app is fairly easy to navigate. The workouts in the different programs are amazing. The workouts are genuinely on the tougher side but there is usually a modifier/beginner level in the video to help you out with form. The app also comes with nutrition guides for the programs. Most programs come with tracker sheets so you can track your progress. One of the reasons that I love this app so much is that each program is taught by 1 instructor and each workout is created to be a part of the program. You can access the app through the online website, Apple tv, or iPhone/Android app. You have the option to pay every 3 months, 6 months or yearly.

There is no music, so if you don’t have access to another device to play music, you end up working out to the sound of the trainer. This is not the place for yogis. There is yoga routines, but very little. Most of the workouts are done in “real time” (this can be a pro and con). You won’t feel rushed because there are breaks, however it can be a con because there is a little bit of “wasted time” in between moves. There are also not many workouts that don’t require equipment. Most of the workouts do require equipment. The app can be slightly overwhelming if you are unfamiliar with fitness apps. There are no “filters” to help find the perfect workout for you. You have to click through each program and do a little trial and error before finding your favorite workouts. There is no free trial. You cannot see or try out the app before purchasing which is a huge downside. There is also no option for monthly payment.

I would recommend this app for anyone who wants to take their workouts up a notch. This would be great for anyone who is looking for an at home workout app that will replace the gym. This app is great for anyone who wants to follow a real workout program. This is by far the best bang for your buck in terms of what you get.

The best for yogis who want a little extra
$20 a month or $199 a year

I recently discovered this app and I am in LOVE!

This app is so easy to navigate! You can filter the type of workout, length of the workout, and intensity of the workout. This is amazing for yogis. If you are looking for an app that replaces your studio yoga classes, this is for you. There are also so many amazing meditations! Not only is there yoga and meditation, but there are so many amazing workouts to choose from. There are HIIT workouts, strength training, barre workouts, pilates and stretching routines. The workouts range from 20 minutes to 1 1/2 hour workouts. There are workouts for every skill level. The app has yoga classes that include vinyasa flows and ones that include working into head stands. There are workouts that recommend equipment and workouts that don’t require any equipment. The instructors are informative, fun, inspiring and motivating. There is music in the app. The app plays real and up to date music playlists for the videos. For example, a strength training workout will play pop music from artists like Justin Bieber, and a yoga video will play relaxing music from artists like Petit Biscuit. You also have the option to turn up and down the volume of the music. I love this app because there are so many different styles of training which I love. You can also save your favorite programs and workouts to “your practice” so they are easy to find. One of the reasons that I love this app so much is that each program is taught by 1 instructor and each workout is created to be a part of the program. You can access this app on their website, iPhone/Android app or Apple tv app. You can also take advantage of the 2 week free trail to test it out. You can also pay monthly and unsubscribe anytime.

This app is yoga based, so if you are not into yoga you will not like this app. They don’t have too many “strength training” workouts to choose from because it is yoga based. So if you are looking for strength training (workouts with weights/ circuit style) based workouts, I would look elsewhere. There is not much “yoga sculpt”- yoga with weights. You also will not find any nutrition in this app, it is workout only. You also cannot choose your music (if you want your own music, you have the option to silence the music playing and then play music from another device). The yoga classes are geared towards intermediate to advanced (in my own opinion).

I would recommend this app for anyone who loves yoga with a little bit of strength training. I would also recommend this app for anyone who loves meditation and breath work.

Core Power Yoga on Demand
The best for yoga only lovers
$20 a month or $200 yearly

I have been a member of Core Power Yoga for several years and I love it.

This is an app that will replace your usual studio yoga class. If you have ever been to a yoga class at Core Power Yoga or if you love yoga, you will LOVE this app. This class is yoga, yoga sculpt and meditation only. I personally love Core Power Yoga’s Yoga Sculpt class (a mix of yoga, weight training and cardio). The Yoga Sculpt classes are great if you love to lift and tone with weights but also want to get in some yoga while you’re at it. i really love Core Power Yoga’s teaching and techniques. This app is great for all levels of yoga. You can start with the beginner yoga videos and then work your way up to the more advanced workouts. I love that the instructors make you feel as though you are in class with them. They offer a free trail and there are unlocked videos on the app for you to test out. You can also access the programs through the website, Apple tv app, or iPhone/android app. There are workouts for beginners to advanced.

There is no strength training (weights/circuit style training). This is solely yoga so if you don’t like yoga you will hate this app. There are no programs to follow, it is only on demand workouts. The music provided in the workouts is created by Core Power Yoga, so you won’t find any of your favorite tunes here. You also cannot turn the music volume up or down. You could listen to your own music on a different device, but you would still have to listen to the provided music. Core Power Yoga has their own way of teaching, so there isn’t a wide variety in yoga techniques. If you are unfamiliar with Core Power Yoga, you may find it confusing. There is also no nutrition info in this app.

I would recommend this app for anyone who is interested in exploring yoga and anyone who wants to take their yoga practice deeper.

I am always discovering new fitness apps! Let me know your favorites in the comments!


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