Kimmy’s Guide For Creating And Prioritizing Health And Wellness Habits

Not too long ago I sat with this question in my mind: “how can I do it all?” I started thinking about all of the health and wellness “rituals” out there and I thought to myself “how is it possible to do all of these things everyday”, “how is it possible to eat all of these different foods and supplements in just a few meals a day” and “how is it possible to do all of these self care and wellness activities and still have time for relationships or watch a good movie”.

These questions all started when I thought about food. I had read a book a few years ago called Eat Pretty by Jolene Hart. In the book, Hart lists out many different fruits and vegetables and explains all of the beautifying benefits of them. So I started thinking how it would be possible to eat all of these foods all of the time? I mean there are hundreds of foods listed, it would be impossible to be able to consume everything. So this got me thinking about all of the other healthy habits I wanted to create. I kept thinking how impossible it seemed to be able to do it all in one day.

You probably see on social media that people in the health and wellness space seem to be doing SO much. You probably see people who are taking all of these different supplements, going to the spa and sauna, going for a run, going to a barre class, going to yoga, meditating, eating healthy, going out for a green juice and still somehow make time to work a demanding job and have a social life ALL IN THE SAME DAY…

We are busy. We are busy with family, work and other commitments. Making time for health and wellness is tough. As much as we want to put ourselves first, there are some days that it just doesn’t happen. That is OKAY! But with a few simple adjustments to your daily life, you can have the health and wellness practice that you’ve always dreamed of. I know what you are thinking… but no I am not full of B.S. I am telling you the truth. You don’t need to hit the gym, sauna and eat all of the healthiest foods on the planet in one day to have a great health and wellness practice.

Through my own personal journey through health and wellness, I have discovered that all it takes is prioritization and creating simple healthy habits to have a health and wellness practice. Below I have written out step by step how to create a simple health and wellness practice best suited for you. Through this simple process, you will discover what health and wellness means to you and how you can create habits that will make you feel good. This exercise is meant to help you discover your own unique health and wellness practice! Have fun with it!

  1. Get clear on what health and wellness means to you. Health and wellness is unique for everyone. While there are scientific ways to describe health and wellness, we all define health and wellness differently for ourselves. Once you get clear on what health and wellness means to you, you can start to prioritize things that match that. For me, health and wellness means doing things that make me feel energized and happy, so prioritizing movement and gut health is important. Write down at the top of a piece of paper what health and wellness means to you. Try and sum it up in 1-3 sentences.
  2. Next, create a list of all the things that you think of when you think of health and wellness (under your “what health and wellness means to you” statement). Think of all the activities and foods that make up health and wellness. (There is no right or wrong answer or judgement here). Your list can include certain types of foods, supplements, workouts, massage, etc. Next, re read your health and wellness statement above and then circle all of the things in your list that match that.
  3. Now it is time to get clear on what you want to prioritize. My tip is to choose your “daily 3”. The “daily 3” are three health and wellness habits that you want to incorporate into your daily routine. These 3 things should be things that you will do/consume daily. For example, morning lemon & cayenne water, afternoon apple cider vinegar drink and workout/movement. Also, it is important to be realistic. By realistic, I mean choosing things that are accessible, things you will have the time for and things you can be consistent with. You will be doing these 3 things daily, so make sure that you love them. These 3 things should be habits that you can’t run your day without. Without my “daily three”, I don’t feel accomplished and satisfied. My “daily 3” also matches my health and wellness statement. These do not have to be big, they can be as small as adding lemon to your water daily. Your “daily 3” can also change over time too.
  4. Once you have your “daily 3”, now it is time to add on your “weekly 2”. These habits should be done 1-3 days a week (preferably the same days weekly to stay consistent). My “weekly 2” are chia seeds in a meal and a facial mask. These are things that I know will support my goals, but I either don’t need them daily or I am only able to prioritize them a few days a week. Find 2 things on your list that you want to prioritize more often but you won’t feel discouraged if you can’t get them in every day.
  5. Once you have figured out your “weekly 2”, pick your “fun 1”! Your “fun 1” is going to be a random thing that you will do weekly. Pick one day of the week and make sure to add something new into your routine. For example, on Thursday I will add in a green juice, then next Thursday I will take a yoga class, then the next Thursday I will make time for reading a book, etc. Since your “daily 3” and “weekly 2” are things that are easy for you to accomplish, your “fun 1” might be something a little out of reach, but do-able. Your “fun 1” is something that you love and wish you made more time or effort for. It can be the same thing every week, but I encourage you to change it up! The idea is to commit to doing something health and wellness related that you will enjoy! My “fun 1” is usually self care related but it can truly be anything that you enjoy.

So lets recap:
3 daily healthy habits
2 weekly healthy habits (1-3x a week)
1 healthy habit per week (1x a week)

Normally I would give recommendations for health and wellness habits for inspiration. Instead, I want you to make a list of habits that are unique and authentic to you. I encourage you to look to yourself for inspiration rather than look to others. Health and wellness is bio-individual and that includes your health and wellness practice. Relationships with health and wellness grow and evolve over time. You may over time discover new healthy foods or supplements that you think would be a great fit for you. Don’t worry about focusing so hard on having to do it all and having it all. Health and wellness is what you make of it.

Now, of course these habits should accompany a diet full of whole and nutritious foods and water! I also want to remind you that you can have MANY healthy habits! There are NO limits to healthy habits. The more healthy habits you have the better. But, I get how things can be overwhelming when it comes to incorporating supplements and certain health and wellness practices. That is where this exercise shines! I want you to feel free to have unlimited daily, weekly, and monthly health and wellness habits. This guide is a start. It is a great way to learn how to prioritize health and wellness habits. Once you have mastered my simple healthy habit strategy, feel free to add more in! That is why health and wellness is my passion, because it is unique to you!

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