Roasted Garlic Chipotle Cashew Dip

Who doesn’t love a good dip?! I love hummus, salsa, spinach and artichoke etc. But I also love a good cashew dip.

Cashews are so versatile. They are great to snack on by themselves and they also work well to create sauces and dips.

This is one of my favorite ways to use cashews. What is so great about cashews is that they are packed with protein and healthy fats (so you will feel full and satiated after eating).

For this recipe, you will need to soak your cashews, this way the dip will be smooth and creamy. There are two ways to do this. The first way is by placing 1 cup of cashews in a glass jar and fill with room temperature filtered water. Fill with water until the cashews are completely covered. Then let the cashews sit for 4-6 hours. Another way is to use boiling water instead of room temperature, and then let the cashews sit for 15 minutes.

For this dip, I used chipotle pepper flakes. You can also use a dried chipotle pepper or chipotle seasoning.

I also used mayonnaise for this recipe. You can use either real mayo or vegan mayo. I love the flavor mayonnaise adds (almost like a chipotle aioli). If you don’t have mayonnaise on hand, no worries! The dip will still come out great with only cashews.

*The best part of this dip is the roasted garlic! I took 3 cloves, with skin on, and place in a preheated oven (preheated to 350) then roast for about 12-15 minutes. Once the garlic is done, remove from oven and let cool. Then you should be able to squeeze the garlic from the skin easily!


1 cup soaked cashews, drained
2 1/2 tsp chipotle flakes (if using powder or a dried chipotle pepper, alter your measurements)
salt to taste
*3 cloves roasted garlic (see directions above)
2 tbsp mayonnaise (may skip if no mayonnaise)
1/4 cup-1/3 cup filtered water

Begin by tossing the cashews, chipotle, salt, garlic, and mayonnaise into your blender or food processor. Then pulse for a few minutes. Once the ingredients are broken up, begin gradually adding water. Keep adding water and blend until the dip is smooth and creamy. You can always add more water so start off with a small amount and keep adding till it is the perfect dip consistency. Remove from blender or food processor and serve.

I enjoyed mine with crispy brussel sprouts and sweet potato fries.



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