“You Make Me Glow” Face Care Kit by True Botanicals

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The holidays are coming up soon and that means it’s time to start thinking about the people in our lives who deserves a little extra GLOW!

True Botanicals just released their “You Make Me Glow” skin care kit, and this kit is AMAZING! It is the perfect gift to give to the person who brings out the best in you!

True Botanicals is a company that I discovered in my journey to clean up my skin care routine. As many of you know, I have been on a mission this year to swap out all of the products in my home for non- toxic (and sustainable) products. This includes beauty products. Our skin is our largest organ, so it is important to be mindful of what we put on our skin!

This set comes with True Botanicals iconic facial cleanser, hydrating face oil, and NEW Radiance Facial Roller! This set can be personalized with your choice of between the Renew or Clear Nourishing Cleanser and Pure Radiance Oils.

One reason to love these products is that they are great for all skin types!

My thoughts:

I have been using the Renew Nourishing Cleanser for a few months and I have been amazed with the results. Since using the cleanser, my skin is significantly more hydrated and balanced. When I added the Pure Radiance Oil and the Radiance Facial Roller (which I store in the fridge to keep cool) into my routine, I’ve noticed significant improvements to the texture of my skin. My skin is softer, smoother, brighter and hydrated. I also noticed that the muscles in my face are more relaxed from using the facial roller daily. I love using the roller in the morning to combat puffiness!

True Botanicals Renew line helps to nurture your skin with powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids that helps support healthy and youthful skin.

You are going to love how this set makes your skin look and feel!

Here is how it works:

  1. Prepare to GLOW!
  2. Gently cleanse your skin with True Botanicals Nourishing Cleanser
  3. Apply 2-10 drops of the Radiance Oil to either the palm of your hands or directly to the face. Never let the dropper touch your skin as it can be unsanitary
  4. Massage the oil into your skin
  5. Start at your cheek and jawline with the Radiance Facial Roller. Begin gently rolling out towards the hairline in small strokes (about 3-5 strokes per area). Whatever you do on one side, repeat on the other side.
  6. Then using the smaller side, begin gently rolling under the eyes starting by the nose, and ending by the temples.
  7. Then gently roll over the forehead/eye brow area from the center and out towards the hair line.
  8. End by gently rolling down from your chin to clavicle to flush out fluid buildup from the face.
  9. Check out that GLOW

You and your loved ones are going to love this set! Head to TrueBotanicals.com and check it out!

photo credit: Truebotanicals.com

True Botanicals is a company founded by the brilliant Hillary Peterson who is changing the game in skin care (in my opinion). True Botanicals is proof that you do not need chemicals to see results. Their formula is MADE SAFE® certified which means that is is made free of 5,000+ toxic ingredients (that are known). Not only are the ingredients in their products non- toxic, they are also packaged in sustainable packaging. They are also shipped in sustainable packaging as well! For more information and to read their full story head to their website!

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