Travel Tips and Essentials

Since moving across country two years ago, I’ve had to do A LOT of traveling. A lot of long trips and some trips that I’ve had to jump on a 5 hour red eye and back the next day. Traveling is not easy, especially if you don’t like to fly. Up until about 6 years ago I used to travel the most “uncomfortable” way. I would pack way too much in my luggage and carry-ons – the most unnecessary items. I would buy so many salty snacks at the airport, eat all of them on the plane and after I would feel so bloated and gassy. I thought it was just the flying part that made me feel like crap and stressed out. But while flying does add to the uncomfortable feeling, it was the choices I was making while flying that left me feeling so badly. I’ve learned over the past several years that you can get off a plane feeling well rested and feeling good.

These are my traveling tips and the essentials I always have with my when I fly.

Do something that relaxes you.
If you are someone who truly does not like to fly or maybe you just like it to be a chill experience, you probably need a way to unwind. Find something that helps to calm you down. For me thats a glass of wine at the airport and a good book or magazine. (I know they say that alcohol before and during your flight is a terrible thing to do, but if it relaxes you then go for it. Just make sure to stay extra hydrated throughout your flight). For some it may be meditation, music, journaling. A lot of airports have implemented yoga rooms, a wonderful way to unwind before your flight. Whatever relaxes you, do it. Also, alot of credit card companies and other membership programs have special perks to them like rooms with comfortable couches and tables as well as free food and drinks (i.e. american airlines, chase, “admirals club”, “sky club”). If you travel a lot for work or just need a quiet space to relax it’s worth it to check it out.

Invest in a good water bottle. Most airports have water refill stations that you can fill your water bottle up before your flight. (Make sure it’s empty before going through TSA). If you are unable to find a refill station, ask a restaurant staff member or a Starbucks staff member and they will fill it up for free! The flight attendants can also fill your water bottle up throughout your flight. It will save you money and keep you hydrated all through your flight.
Also important!!! DO NOT use the hot water on planes. Whether you want coffee or tea, it’s best to get it inside of the airport.

Speaking of hydration… try a hydration supplement. I use NUUN in my water when I fly. They taste really good and are filled with vitamins and electrolytes to help boost hydration. You just pop one tablet into your water and let it dissolve and sip. The air on planes is so dry and can leave you feeling dehydrated and depleted- not a good way to start or end a trip. So it is very important to make sure you stay hydrated!

Moisturize! Before I leave for the airport, I make sure I have taken all of my make up off. The air while flying can lead to breakouts or dry out your skin. If you add make up into the mix it can lead to an unhealthy result (and if your headed to vacation with lots of pictures to be taken, it’s best to take the makeup off during your flight). While I wait for my flight, I wipe my face with facial wipes . Then I apply an over-night face mask. If you want added hydration on top of that you can spray on a hydrating facial mist. When applying your mist, do it while waiting to board your flight. The air on the plane is so dry that the moisture will evaporate so quickly and will become useless, so spraying while you wait for your flight is best. I also bring a good moisture locking lip balm too!

Bring lots of sanitizer! I bring a non-toxic spray for my hands, and non-toxic sanitzer wipes for my seat and tray table. I also bring non-toxic baby wipes to clean up any messes. Ive learned that planes are VERY dirty. Especially the headrest and the tray table! There have been studies that have shown E coli found on the head rest and tray table… GROSS. So wipe down your whole seat before sitting down! I also learned that they do not carry and cleaning products on planes. I will spare you the details, but a woman behind me (I was on the way home from Las Vegas for a work trip a few years ago) got very sick… and there was nothing to clean the mess. So now I bring baby wipes or cleaning wipes with me anytime I fly.

Next time you fly it’s best to skip the tight yoga pants. I also always wear loose sweatpants any time I fly. Wearing anything tight can constrict blood flow and can lead to gas and bloating.

Unwind for your flight. If you know that you are going to need to catch some Z’s on your flight take the necessary steps to make sure you get that beauty rest. When you plan on sleeping on the plane, the same rules for the bedroom apply here. Try and stay away from the screens as much as possible. That blue light keeps you awake at night will also keep you awake in the sky too. Try getting a calming tea, popping your head phones in and listening to relaxing music/meditation, journaling, or reading. It is okay to send a quick text to a loved one before taking off, just try your hardest to not scroll the gram! Also bring a light blanket, eye mask, and neck pillow. I know planes aren’t comfortable, but invest in things that will make it feel like bedtime.

Roll on essential oils. These are a game changer. I apply at my temples, under my jaw, to my wrists, and behind my ears.

Stretch during your flight. I used to think it was weird to just stand during the flight, but when the seatbelt sign goes off, i’ve learned to take advantage. I always try and aim for an aisle seat to make this easier. But I always stretch out my legs throughout my flight in the aisle. Just make sure to watch out for others passing by.

Prepare for landing. Some times the place you might be heading might not have a good Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Do your research and see what is available. I like to hit up the local health food store when I arrive to my destination and get healthy snacks and bars for my stay. If the area your going doesn’t have much, plan to bring some in your carry-on or luggage bag.

Pack light! Carrying around heavy bags with you from place to place is no fun. There truly is no need to bring 5 pairs of yoga pants, 3 pairs of jeans and 4 pairs of shoes. Try on each outfit before you pack. And bring one extra for just in case. Having too much baggage can add unwanted stress to a trip. Also if you plan on bring home souvenirs, you’ll probably need extra space anyways!

Fast during your flight. Eating in the air can leave you feeling tired, bloated and super gassy. Eat a nutrient dense meal before your flight and after but not during. Of course if you are going to be on a very long flight, bring a light meal with you to eat on the plane.
DON’T buy the meals on the plane. They increase the sodium in plane food because food becomes harder to taste in the air. TSA will allow you to bring food as long as it does not contain liquid over 3 oz. This makes it easier to save money and to eat a healthy meal for your flight.

I hope you all enjoyed this one, I can’t wait to hear your feedback.


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