The Ultimate Summer Reading List

I love a good summer read. Whether I am by the pool or the beach I love to have a book alongside me. These books I am about to share are my top 6 books I highly recommend adding to your summer reading list. Before you read on, you won’t find any fiction novels here. To me, everyone has their own taste in fiction. These books are more inspirational books. I hope you enjoy them.

You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

If you are feeling stuck career wise, looking to manifest more money into your life, or looking to learn how to start saving money then look no further. This book lays out a perfect guideline on how to stop looking at money as evil and start looking at it in a new light. Sincero talks all about how making money all starts from your mindset, and opens you up to being able to manifest the bank account of your dreams.

On Being Human by Jennifer Pastilioff

I love this book. So beautifully written and truly inspiring. We have the power to take our mindset from “i am not enough” to “i am enough” and Jen Pastiloff proves it. I listened to a podcast a while back on Almost 30 and Jen was the guest speaker. She is so real and so inspiring, and it shows in her writing as well. I also recommend listening to that podcast it is truly eye opening.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK by Mark Manson

The title says it all. Slapping our truths in our faces. I truly believe that in order to start living your best life, it starts with the right mindset. We all struggle with avoiding the key things that are holding us back in life (that we may not even realize are holding us back). If your ready to face your fears and life uncertainties and stop avoiding them, then this book is for you.

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

How to become the best version of yourself. – simple as that. Highly recommend.

Walking to Listen by Andrew Forthoefel

An amazing true story. Think of the book Wild, but a less graphic version. Follow one mans journey to find himself while walking across the US. Andrew camped out in strangers yards and stopped to ask strangers for “their story”. I love this book so much. Definitely recommend if you are looking for an inspiring read without the “how-tos”

Balanced and Beautiful by Katrina Scott & Karena Dawn

I have been a huge fan of Karena and Katrina since their beginning youtube days. They are truly amazing. This book is a favorite of mine. Everything from wellness to self care to a GNO its all in there. In this book youll find so many amazing recipes and inspirational stories from just a few of their many followers. You will love it, that I promise!

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